The basic knowledge of verbs (lead-in)


  1. Notional verbs 实义动词
  2. Transitive verbs及物动词
  • She made a stupid mistake.  Where did you put the key?—single object 单宾语
  • The song reminded me of my childhood.  People often compare life to a play.—prep.加介词
  • Can you lend me some money?  (Can you lend some money to me?)

Give that pen to me. (Give me that pen.)—double objects双宾语(顺序可变)

  • I wish you happiness.  The car costs me 10,000 dollars.—double objects双宾语(顺序不变)
  1. Intransitive verbs不及物动词
  • What happened?  The cat is sleeping.—occur alone单独使用
  • Stand up! Sit down!  I’m right here waiting for you.—prep.加介词
  1. Link verbs系动词

I’m tired.  He is at home.  You look nervous.  Roses smell sweet.  The song sounds so nice.

The soup tastes delicious.

  1. Modal verbs情态动词
  2. can—Who can answer this question?  Can you help me?  You can’t park here.
  3. may—May I help you?  I may leave here next year.  May you be happy forever!
  4. should—You shouldn’t drive after drinking.
  5. must—You must stop smoking. You must be hungry now. You must see that film, it’s wonderful.
  6. Auxiliary verbs助动词—in negative and interrogative sentences用于否定句和疑问句中
  7. do/ does/ did—Do you like coffee?  I don’t like coffee.  I didn’t cheat you.
  8. have—Have you finished your homework?  I haven’t yet finished.

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