The basic knowledge of nouns

大家好,今天让我们一起来学习下名词的基本知识,纯英文的希望大家能看习惯哦。主要学习对象是可数名词countable nouns 和不可数名词uncountable nouns,可数名词的单复数形式以及名词的所有格。


  1. Countable and uncountable nouns
  2. Singular and plural forms of countable nouns
  3. Possessives of nouns

step by step:

  1. Uncountable nouns—generally, abstract and material nouns are uncountable.
  2. (the) + uncountable nouns

The weather is good today.   We can’t live without water.   The air is very wet here.

The milk has gone bad.   Meat/ pork/ beef is good for our health.  I love green tea.

  1. some(any)/ much/ a little/ a lot(lots) of + uncountable nouns

We don’t have much furniture.  There isn’t any water in the lake.  Can you give me a little salt?

Can you lend me some money?  Would you like some honey?  There is lots of information on the Internet.  I need some fresh air.  The printer doesn’t have any paper in it.

c. a piece/glass/bottle .etc  of  + uncountable nouns

a piece of paper, a glass of water, a bottle of wine, a cup of coffee, a loaf of bread, a bar of chocolate, a piece of news, a bowl of soup, a jar of honey

d. Some nouns can be used as both countable and uncountable resulting in different meanings.

2. singular and plural forms of countable nouns

a. a/an + singular form

They have a son and a daughter.  She’s wearing a coat today.  There is an umbrella on the wall. An accident happened here yesterday.

b. some(any)/many/a few/a lot(lots) of/cardinal number  + plural form

-s/es: They have two sons and four daughters.  How many flowers are there in the garden?  We bought many tomatoes and a few potatoes.  There are lots of heroes in the history.  Many buses go there.  I have two watches.

-ves: There are three knives in the kitchen.  The emperor had lots of wives.  Many leaves fall off the tree in the autumn.

-ies: Many families have only one child today.  I have two dictionaries.  They are going to hold a few parties tomorrow.

-irregular: Many men, women and children are dancing here.  He has two feet and four teeth.  Some mice are in my room.

-only plural form: Are you wearing glasses?  I need a pair of scissors. She likes shopping and bought lots of clothes: a pair of trousers, some jeans, a few shorts, many tights and some pairs of pyjamas.  A lot of people speak English.  The police are chasing the thief.

-sing. = pl. : A group of sheep are grazing in the field.  There are many deer in the forest.  They caught a lot of fish.

3. possessive of nouns–used to show something belongs to somebody.

-s: David’s car, my friend’s friends, my boss’s car

-‘: my parents’ house, my friends’ friends, my bosses’ cars

of: the roof of the house, the capital of China, the name of that film


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