The basic knowledge of adjectives



  1. Use and position of adjectives
  2. Comparative and superlative

Step by step:

  1. Comparison between adjectives in Chinese and in English.
  2. Use of adjectives
  3. As attribute—modifying the noun, showing its qualities or features

She is a beautiful/ugly girl.  This is an interesting/boring book.  It’s nice/bad day.  We have red, white, blue, yellow, purple, pink, orange flowers in the garden.  They live in an old/a new house.  Do you like Chinese/French/Italian food?  We had a delicious/wonderful/awful breakfast.

  1. As predicative—showing the qualities or features of subject, usually after “be” and link verbs

Life can be sour, sweet, bitter and spicy.  How much salt did you add? The soup is too salty.  When can we start dinner? I’m hungry.  The film is boring, let’s change another channel.  Be quiet! The baby is sleeping.  I feel tired today, and don’t want to watch TV.  What happened? You look so sad.  Come here, the flowers smell nice.  The salad tastes too sour.

  1. The position of adjectives
  2. *Normally, (1) a/an/the + quality + colour + type + nouns, e.g. He lives in a little white wooden cabin and has a small yellow wooden table.

(2) a/an/the + quality + size + colour + country + nouns, e.g. My granny has a beautiful old red Chinese vase and an old French clock.

  1. Indefinite pronouns + adjectives

I have got something important to tell you.  I don’t like anything sweet.  There’s nothing wrong with the book.  We have something special for your birthday.

  1. Comparative and superlative
  2. Comparative—than

l        as…as, not as(so)…as

He is as old as she.  This box is not as big as that one.   A bike isn’t so fast as car, a car isn’t so fast as plane.  The Yellow River is not as long as the Yangtze River.

l        Single syllable: small—smaller, brave—braver, happy—happier, big—bigger, hot—hotter

Multiple syllables: beautiful—more beautiful, careful—more careful, difficult—more difficult

Some double syllables: simple—simpler or more simple, clever—cleverer or more clever, ugly—uglier, funny—funnier, quiet—quieter, common—commoner or more common

Irregular: good—better, bad—worse, many/much—more, far—farther/further

He is older than she.  This box is smaller than that one.  A car is faster than a bike, but is slower than a plane.  The Yellow River is shorter than the Yangtze River.

  1. Superlative—the fastest, the most beautiful

Single syllable: small—smallest, brave—bravest, happy—happiest, big—biggest, hot—hottest

Multiple syllables: beautiful—the most beautiful, careful—the most careful

Some double syllables: simple—simplest or the most simple, clever—cleverest or more clever

Irregular: good—best, bad—worst, many/much—most, far—farthest/furthest

He is the oldest student in the class.  This box is the biggest.  Which is the longest river/ highest mountain in the world.  This is the worst film I’ve ever seen.


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