Some rules and examples for /i:/, /ɪ/, /e/

小伙伴们,大家好,今天让我们来看看元音/i:/, /ɪ/, /ɛ/在单词中的字母组合有哪些。

  •      / i /—— ee  bee, fee, knee, free, tree, seed, beef, feet, cheese, coffee,  greed, heel, leech, meeting, wheel;

                                  ea  eat, seat, real, read, heal, beach, peach, peak, meat, leaf, lead, season,                  bean, meat, beast, appeal;

                                  e   he, she, we, me, be;

                                 e…e  eve, cede, theme, these;

                                 ie    movie, piece, achieve, believe;

                                ei    ceiling, either, receive;

 i     visa, pizza, ski, taxi, police, machine.

  •  / ɪ /——  i   in, six, fit, rich, pig, wit, lid, favorite;

                               y   gym, physical, cynical, syllable;

                               ui  guilty, building.

  •  / e /——  e  yes, let, bed, get, men, ever, tell, empty, federal;

                                ea  bread, head, weather, ready, breakfast;

                                 a  any, many;

                                ai  again, said.


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