Some rules and examples for /eɪ/, /æ/, /ʌ/

小伙伴们,大家好,今天让我们来学习下元音/e/, /æ/, /ʌ/在单词中的字母组合有哪些。

  •  / ei /a…e    face, fake, late, rate, wave, cake, date, space, retake, mistake,                                                 hesitate, classmate, anticipate, compensate, accommodate;

                             a           tomato, potato, radio, labor, favor, baker, danger,

                             ay         bay, stay, pray, way , tray, play, clay, lay;

                             ai          chain, rain, tail , plain, waiter, waitress, Spain;

                            eigh      weight, neighbor, sleigh, eight, eighteen;

                             ea          break, steak, great;

                              ey          they, obey.

  •  / æ /—— a        apple, add, bad, cat, dad, glad, had, lamb, map, hand, back, manner,                                ladder, happen, family, gallery, national, factory, pamphlet.
  • / ʌ /——  u          up, fun, bus, jump, bump, dumpster, abduct, Russia;

                                 o          love, done, other, another, wonderful;

                                 ou        young, cousin, enough, country, trouble.


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