Never say “updation” or “updations”(They are not English words)

The Mistake: We English speakers in India often talk about bringing something up-to-date with the words “updation” or “updations”:

  • I will finish the updation tomorrow.
  • The IT team is doing the system updations now.
Never say “updation” or “updations”. They are not English words.

The Correction: Speak correctly and with confidence by using the word “update” when talking about bringing something up-to-date. Use “update” in these forms:

an update or updates (noun):

  • I will finish the updates tomorrow.
  • The IT team is doing a system update now.

to update (verb):

  • I will update the report tomorrow.
  • The IT team is updating the system now.

updated (adjective):

  • I will send you the updated report tomorrow.
  • The updated system is much faster.

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