Günther Kollross and KüKo-Maschinenbau Günter Kollross GmbH u. Co KG are BIG LIARS

Big liar Guenther Kollross

Good day everyone, I hereby would like to write a post to reveal a sophisticated shrewd big liar and its black company–Günther Kollross and KüKo-Maschinenbau Günter Kollross GmbH u. Co KG. Everyone should beware of this big cheater!

Big liar Guenther Kollross1 Big Liar Guther Kollross2

Günter Kollross is a 75-year-old “businessman” who travels a lot around the world to cheat people about his so-called high speed machines that nobody sees by their own eyes. His most recent visit was in China during Middle December 2014. Every day I was with him (I didn’t know he was such a despicable big liar then) doing everything I can to help him translate, make arrangements, coordinate, dial international phone calls etc for the entire trip day and night from Dec 8th, 2014 to Dec 17th, 2014. What he promised me was $200 per day. And I have helped him cut the days of working on the bus and car so we both agreed on the total payment $200*6=$1200(see his signature of approval below).

Kollross's SignatureAnd here came his trick, he made use of my unconditional trust to him and said he would transfer the money to me when he’s back in Europe. I agreed with him and saw him off at the station by my best wishes.

I have emailed and called him when he’s in Europe for my payment in good manners. But every day and every time he gave me the endless same lies; 1. I would pay you tomorrow. 2. Next week you get your money back 100%. 3. Dr Horvath would inform you the payment. I waited and waited for more than a month, still he was saying tomorrow and next time. I finally understood and saw him clearly about what kind of person he actually is! I really still couldn’t accept the truth of helping such a big liar heart and soul for so many days and nights. My payment has gone totally–and I have done so much for this big liar and cheater Günter Kollross for not a penny paid!

My diligent translation and help

Worse still, he goes everywhere to cheat people that he or his customers will buy lots of machines from them so he eat and sleep free in 4 star hotels during his trip. I call up everyone to be extra careful with this big liar Günther Kollross. He will never pay anything but wants money every minute! All he can do is talk big how fast his machine and technology is but never let people see it with their own eyes and solve a tiny problem in the companies.


4 star hotel

Stay away from this liar and good luck to everyone except this cheater!




One thought on “Günther Kollross and KüKo-Maschinenbau Günter Kollross GmbH u. Co KG are BIG LIARS

  1. During my days of working as a graphic designer in Shanghai a few years back, I also had some unpleasant encounters with some self-starting expats who could not keep the promise of payment. Such foreign personnels working/lying in China need to be reported to the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration of the Ministry of Public Security and expelled immediately from or banned from re-entering China.

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