Get your hands dirty,catch some Z’s,deep pockets,just off the boat,pig out

1. get your hands dirty— to involve yourself in all parts of a job, including the parts that are unpleasant.     亲自动手

egUnlike other bosses, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

2. catch some Z’s —to get some sleep. (In comic books, Zs are used to show that someone is sleeping or snoring.

eg. I need to catch some Z’s before I go on my trip.

I’m going to catch some Z’s before the party tonight.

3. deep pockets— if an organization or a person has deep pockets, they have a lot of money.

eg. Her boyfriend has deep pockets.

4. just off the boat– to be newly immigrated and perhaps gullible and naïve and inexperienced.

eg. Don’t lie to me, I’m not just off the boat.

5. pig out—eat much food or overeat.

eg. When was the last time you pigged out? / I love to pig out on ice cream.

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