• Q: Why vibeenglish.com ?
    A: We are very poor at delivering ads everywhere or trying to persuade you to buy something you don’t need at all. All we can do is help you learn English and make you truly fall in love with English.
  • Q: What can I learn from Vibe English?
    A: Vibe English has provided you with the BASIC ENGLISH knowledge, helpful ENGLISH TIPS. You can also accumulate powerful DAILY WORDS, meaningful DAILY SENTENCE, useful IDIOMS&SLANG and funny TONGUE TWISTERS. What’s more, you can appreciate the most beautiful INSPIRING ESSAYS only at Vibe English.
  • Q: Can I learn English very well overnight without learning the boring grammar or remembering the endless words?
    A: No way,dude! It’s mission impossible! English vocabulary is the cornerstone of English learning, and English grammar is inseparable from English learning too.
  • Q: How to learn English well?
    A: Well,this is the most commonly asked question without the perfect answer while everyone wants to figure out how to learn English effectively. As far as I’m concerned, speaking and listening are always of the greatest importance.
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