Come up with some ideas for using your time more productively insead of complaining

TODAY decide not to complain about anything. Instead, come up with some ideas for using your time more productively.

When you find yourself ready to complain about anything, stop and think of a way to replace that negative complaint with a positive suggestion. Just imagine how powerfully and positively that simple step could influence your work and your relationships with others.

Think of how much it could reduce your level of stress. And what about all of those silent complaints you utter to yourself? Rather than letting them steal your precious time, resolve to do something about them.
When you find a complaint coming on, step forward and take positive, productive action instead. Use your time and energy for accomplishing great things, not for worrying about blame or spreading criticism.

Whenever you have the urge to complain, stop right where you are. Challenge yourself to come up with a positive alternative. Make it into an opportunity, turn it into an accomplishment. Rather than looking behind you and complaining about it. Look ahead and do something positive about it.

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