Boss around,smart as a whip,chew the fat,good lenses,bad frames,have a crush on

1. boss around —to give orders to someone.使唤某人。

Stop bossing me around. I’m not your employee.

2. smart as a whip— having unusual and impressive intelligence. 聪明过人。

He’s not only smart as a whip; he’s e also good with people.

3. chew the fat—-gossip 闲聊

We’re not supposed to waste time chewing the fat with the customers.

4.  good lenses, bad frames— Describing someone who gives a bad first impression but is actually a good person. Someone who doesn’t appear to be competent yet is extremely capable at what he/she does.人不可貌相。

Corey is a good teacher. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him…good lenses, bad frames.

5. have a crush on— to have a feeling of romantic love for someone. 迷恋某人。

He seems to have a crush on one of my friends.

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